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Welcoming the whole range of characters and events, Sarah Rosner, proprietor of Swill Merchants Co., proudly offers curated cocktail classes catered to your group’s theme, skill level and interest. Most commonly hosted classes are law firm team meetings, Realtor client events and corporate or friends and family happy hours, holiday parties and fundraising events. Rosner also hosts plenty birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, ladies weekends, game nights…random Tuesdays in August? Years of craft cocktail experience and a background in storytelling, making her classes something that is not only educational but engaging and lots of fun.

Together, we will discuss your event details, the average cocktail interest and skill level you are thinking. We will choose 3 classic or personalized cocktails for the event. Cocktail kits are also available for pick up (Dupont) or through mail. During the 1.5 hour class, while we make cocktails together, Rosner will discuss cocktail history 101, bar tools, techniques and tips, answer all the questions, and go deeper into the lore behind the cocktails we are making all while teaching you the skills to build, shake, stir or swizzle your way around a good cocktail.

Photo: Beatrice Valdes.

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